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Royal Palace – Stockholm

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

We visited one of the oldest and largest palaces in Europe! The Royal Palace is located on Stadsholmen, in Gamla Stan. This Royal Palace of Stockholm is one of the most fantastic attractions in country . The building has been around for the past 18 century and there has been a royal castle in this location since the 13th century when the old castle, Tre Kronor was built.

It was amazing to see the beautiful interiors of the palace. Every room of the palace has lot of things that tells a story behind this gorgeous palace. Al the paintings, sculptures, and wall decor, to the garments, pins, and flags that have been made over the decades.. You can click on the link at to check more information about the Royal Palace

The Swedish government people still utilize some rooms of this palace for official purposes and events. Genuinely I would say that this place is so impressive and has massive architecture inside and out. So if you are visiting Stockholm you must visit the Royal Palace. If you visit and see everything in detail it took at least 2 to 3 hours or more.


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