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Rome with kids

Rome is one the most beautiful cities in the world and has a lot of attractions for families. Rome has something for all ages, on a family trip to Rome you can enjoy sightseeing with kids, explore gorgeous parks with kids, engage school-age children in Roman history, ignite teenagers' knowledge about all the historic attractions of Rome and enjoy Italian food with kids.

The best things to do in Rome with kids

Colosseum: the most iconic amphitheater

If you visit Rome, you would definitely see the ancient roman amphitheater which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Don't forget to book your tickets in advance or you can book a kid-friendly tour of the Colosseum. The guided tour provides insightful information about the history, architecture, and events that took place here. The Colosseum opens at morning 8:30 A.M. and I highly recommend that arriving early is the best way to beat the crowd.

Palestine Hills & Roman forum

This is the historical wonder in Rome. With origins dating back to 753 BC. visiting to the Roman Forum and Paletine Hills with children is the great way to show them a glimpse of ancient Rome. Our visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill was a complete history lesson for my girls and they found some interesting fact about Roman history.

The Borghese Villa

This is a beautiful park in the city center and one of the best places to visit. In Villa Borghese, kids can explore merry-go-rounds, rowing boats, bikes and go cars. This place has a zoo which is not so fascinating for school she children but good for toddlers.

Monument to Victor Emmanuel ll

This historical landmark has a stunning view. It was built at the turn of the 20th century to honor Italy’s first king, Vittorio Emanuele II.

Entrance to the historical landmark is free of charge, but you have to buy a €15 ticket to access the panoramic terrace and enjoy the great views over the Rome city. This tickets includes access to the Museo del Risogimento where you explore the historic figures that contributed to the unification of Italy, and to the nearby Palazzo Venezia, a 15 the century papal residence housing an important art a d history museum.

Trevi Fountain

Possibly the most famous fountain in the world and has been featured in many movies. Trevi fountain defined by Leon Battista Alberti and its over 560 years old and took 32 years to builtIt's worth visiting with kids and kids definitely love all the the fun facts about it .

The Rome pantheon

The Rome pantheon is the best preserved roman building in the world and a great historic landmark that is definitely fun to visit with kids.

Vatican City with kids

The Vatican is officially the smallest sovereign state in the world and is located in heart of Rome. Withing the Vatican there are numerous interesting attractions to see. School-age children and teenagers would definitely be fascinated to see surprising facts and figures of the history of St. Peter Basilica, St. Peter square and Vatican museum. To visit the incredible treasure of the Vatican City you need a whole day.

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