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Inside of Stockholm by Pari

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Did you know that Sweden is ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world? It is the biggest Nordic country and has the highest population among them. The country is full of development and historical landmarks. With breathtaking winter views, about half of Sweden is forest. Not only is it a great place to visit in the winter with its ice hotel and aurora, but you can also visit in the summer to go hiking or trailing if the cold weather is not suitable. Overall, Sweden has wonderful natural sites to visit in the summer and in the winter, along with Sweden's specialties like the Royal Palace or the Vasa Museum.

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Stockholm has historical buildings like the royal palace and Gamala Stan (the Swedish old town), or the Royal Palace. Gamalastan is a well-preserved medieval city. The old town's buildings date back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Hence, they have significant value for the history of Sweden. Visiting the Vasa museum is also a great opportunity to view a 16th-century ship that was salvaged from the ocean close to shore. The ship is fully intact and preserved splendidly. You can also view videos and read the text in the museum explaining how the ship worked and the roles people had on it. Overall, if you want to visit Sweden for historical landmarks, Stockholm is the place.

We visited Sweden in October, specifically Stockholm. My experience in Sweden was worthwhile. My favorite place to visit was the Vasa Museum. You will need at least 2–3 hours to visit this museum if you plan to get the full experience. 1.5 hours if you plan to go to the museum for a brief visit. The museum met my expectations of how the ship would be preserved. I certainly did not imagine a ship from the 17th century being preserved this well. We also visited the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan. All in all, if you love history you should visit the Vasa museum

The sky view ride in Stockholm is a spherical bustling containing spherical gondolas that are made of glass and used to transport riders to the top of the spherical building and view the city. From personal experience I would not put this point on your Sweden travels bucket list and it was not worthwhile. The view of the city was not noticeably high and there were not any major points seen from the deck. I would rate this experience 3 stars because it was not a bad experience, just was not worthwhile. 

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