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Getting around Stockholm

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

  1. The best way to travel around Stockholm is by the public transport facility, bus lines , metro, commuter trains ,railways ,trams and ferries cover this beautiful city very efficiently. Biking is also a good option for getting around the city , walking around the old town is the fantastic way of explore the streets because the old town is easily accessible on foot.

Few Travel Tips for the every first time Stockholm Visitors

  1. I don't recommend taxi to travel around Stockholm because they are expensive and charge more than 35 euros for few miles. It's always a great idea to take a day pass of bus and tramp to travel anywhere you need to go in the city.

  2. The Hop on Hop Off services are the wonderful way to explore Stockholm as a tourist. Audio guided commmenty during ride provide the great information about the history and famous personality of this country.

3. Stockholm is a nearly cash-free city and there is no need to bring tons of money to visiting Stockholm but don't forget to bring your credit and debit card.


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