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Family trip to Rome

I'm sure that my girls will never forget our family trip to Rome. Italy was a perfect family trip as my both girls love pizza and pasta and they are interested in seeing historical places like the Colosseum and Vatican City. Visiting Italy was really fascinating for me cause I was going to see places that I used to see in Bollywood movies as a kid.

This year we had a 15-day long trip to Italy, which We had planned in well advance.

We had a direct flight from Tallinn to Rome. On arrival, I noticed that Italy was pretty hot and humid.

We had booked our bnb stay and our apartment owner came to pick us up at the airport. He came on time. He was very helpful and friendly He talked to us all the way and shared a lot of valuable information about Rome.

It took 30 minutes to reach the bnb stay. We had a nice ground-floor apartment with all the facilities and of course a gorgeous backyard. The apartment had a beautiful garden, a trampoline, and outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy the view.

As soon as we reached our destination, I hurried over to the bathroom to take a relaxing shower after a long day and the girls were quick to explore the trampoline. The apartment included a small kitchen with complimentary wine. At the end of the day, we cooked a quick dinner and ate in the garden with a beautiful natural aroma, which soon became our go-to spot when we ate at home.

This is our bnb apartment link

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